Epicycle Guitar Project

Summer, 2015! Here we are, it is very hot! The new season of Epicycle is planned and ready to go... as are a number of other things. We have decided it would be better to just do them, instead of talking about them.... so watch this space!

January 25, 2015! Happy Burns night, if you are of a Caledonian bent. We are in Caorle, Italy with the Guitar Circle of Europe and company. Yes! We did the recordings as promised. They, and our new website, are sure to be worth the wait!

October 29, 2014! The year got underway in September and we have had 4 rehearsals together since. We are working on originals and covers and above all précision.

Right now (as in tomorrow!) we are off to Holland to reunite with our friends the GEN. Reporting here when we get back. If you are in Holland or the north western part of Germany, think about coming along to see us play!

On November 1st 2014 16:30 GEN and their friends of Epicycle de Paris will On November 1st 2014 16:30 GEN and their friends of Epicycle de Paris will perform in Bibliotheek Hengelo Stad, Beursstraat 34 in Hengelo, the Netherlands.

June 22, 2014! Here we are in Paris! It is just gone midsummer, 2014 and the Epicycle (Guitar) Project has completed its last meeting of the year.

... and what a year it has been. A few of us ventured East during the year and spent time with the Guitar Circle of Europe and the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists... all aboard the Night Train from Paris to Venice... an adventure in and of itself!

We took up regular rehearsals in September of 2013 and wrapped up the year with a series of performances with our friends from the Netherlands, GEN.

We are looking forward to next year, practices have been planned and we are excited about a number of public appearances in Paris and elsewhere. Contact us to stay in touch and find out more!

Contact us at info@<this domaine name>